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I really love Larry Wall and the fact that he created a language that has given me a job, and the fact that I can talk with him and not feel like I am in the presence of a programming god (even though I am).

I have even had a beer with the man. He is a very interesting person. However statements like those below really irk me.

From computerworld:

And what about Perl 6? Do you have a release date for this yet? Are you able to talk about the
most exciting/interesting new developments with this?

Larry Wall:Sure, It's Christmas Day — we just don't say which one. We've been working on it 8 years now and we would like to think we are a lot closer to the end than the beginning. We're certainly well into the second 80 percent.

As an organizer of a perl even in Minnesota, how can I possibly endorse perl 6 when they make comments like this. As a developer, you should have a roadmap, with milestones. If you were to post this and then you could have a list of what is left. that way you don't need to commit to a date, but you could make statements, like: we have completed approximately 45% of the work, and given the resources that have previously been available to us, we should be done December 25, 2015.

I voted for, and allowed perl 6 talks at Frozen Perl 2006, because I hadn't heard further comments about its christmas release, and also because it is where the language is going. Last year I didn't vote for any perl 6 talks, because I didn't see it being useful.


I suggest everyone that reads my journal and has a bit of a spare tire (myself included)to watch this movie.

It mostly applies to people on this side of the pond, but really, health is universal.

(as is McDonalds)

I cannot believe the result of his experiment, and how long it took him to recover.

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does anyone know who Tim Mahoney is? I have been subscribed to his mailing list, and I wasn't the one to subscribe. For those of you who know me, you would know that I don't listen to music with English lyrics anymore. When given a choice, I would pick instrumental soundtracks, or Russian Pop Rock. Anyone know who he is? did one of you subscribe me? His music is really good, but I don't like being subscribed without being asked.

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This is a story about Pete:

Pete give terrible service

Pete works at Boehms Cycle, providing terrible service. Right now Boehms has lost me as a twenty year customer. They would have had my future business with my three kids, but alas, they have said goodbye.

My wife dropped off my bike tire to be respoked and re-trued last week. I had asked her to buy a Tube for the bike as well, as mine was very leaky. Now this first point is simply annoying: They were going to charge labor to install the new tube. There was nothing to do that they were not already doing. Alas, this is not even one of the real complaints.

The first major complaint is this: When I picked up my wheel, the bike trailer hitch piece was missing. This is a huge inconvenience as I LOVE that trailer, and we were going to use it at the marathon on Saturday morning.

The second complaint is that While my wheel had been damaged by me, the tech only replaced one spoke and didn't call me to say that seven more were damaged, and that the minimum amount of work to fix it was not recomended. Instead he did the bare minimum amount of work to get the wheel ready to roll again and scratched a note on some scratch paper for me. I would have had him repair all 8 spokes since the labor was the same for 1 or 8, and spokes are cheap.

The third complaint requires no action from them, but shows a pattern of negligence and maybe even incompetence. When I got my wheel back, it had a different skewer or quick release on it. This is very unprofessional, and makes you wonder what else gets f*cked up when Pete works on a bike for Boehms Cycle, providing his terrible service.

Another point to note, is that the part was lost when Ryan told Pete to clean up his bench. My five years of experience in a repair shop tells me that a tech that needs to be told to clean up their space is exceptionally sloppy and sometimes 'does it his own way' regardless of procedure or instruction. I have seen enough techs like this in my industry to know I would never want them to work on my equipment. The pattern pointed out above sure seems to back up this conclusion.

Boehms Cycle has lost me as a customer and my three children will also not ever see the inside of that store again, and will instead see a different yet to be determined bike shop.

The only thing they can do to maybe retain me as a customer would be to refund my previous repair, and finish this repair for free.

Maybe Boehms Cycle will some day stop providing terrible service, but I will probably never see it.

maybe next time I will try Menards (http://menards.com/)

Holy crap does the service at Home Depot SUCK A$$. Tonight I went to pay for a door quote. I didn't change the order (although it was entered incorrectly to begin with). This process COULD be as simple as 1. Going over the order, is it correct? 2 fix, 3. pay.

So in theory one could do step one in 15 minutes. step two on a decent system should take less than 5 minutes. Step three could be as little as 2 minutes if you paid the same person that gave you the quote, but I understand Home Depot wanting all payments happening at the front of the store, so I am gonna give them a resonable 8 minutes for standing in line and all.

So 28 minutes at Home Depot right? no, I spent 2 hours on this ordeal. and the most aggravating parts were totally preventable.
so to Home Depot, here are my suggestions for better customer service:
Have every Department  staffed the ENTIRE time the store is open with at least TWO people
   having to wait for the SINGLE Person in Millwork to finish his lunch is unacceptable. It will keep customers feeling like 
   someone is there to help them, even if it will take a while, not to mention the lineup of customers who have accumulated
   in the last HOUR. Fortunatly I was one of the only people smart enough to wait at the desk, so I was 2nd in line.

When Custom orders need to be done, use the computer in front of the employee. 
   I watched for 20 minutes while Mike wrote my information on a paper form from the computer order he had in front of 
   him.  I know this requires custom programs to be written, but don't you think that the company that sent more olympic
   hopefulls than any other can afford to change their existing custom software.

Make the software a bit easier to use. 
   While I am not trained on the software, I do know this. My order was changed from a door that had the hinge on the right 
   to a door that had a hinge on the left. This was represented by a four letter code something like "RHEX" to "LHEX". this 
   took some fifteen minutes to do.

Let your managers use the system on multiple registers. AND
Don't tell your customers to wait in line a second time
   The manager couldn't help me because there was some software bug on a register, so I had to wait in a different line (I 

Train your cashiers to use the system(s) they are expected to use.
   My cashier couldn't, for some reason, process my check. It took her ten minutes to get my check into the system  in an 
   acceptable manner.

When it becomes obvious that a manager is needed,  call them right away.
   Home Depot has a (reasonable) policy that checks over $1000 require a manager's approval. 
   My cashier spent the above 10 minutes KNOWING that my check was $1400. Only after the check was entered did she call 
   the manager (who took 3-4 minutes to arrive). I wonder if the manager could have helped her with the above problem?

So my solution?
I'm Shopping at Menards from here on out. (not to mention it's cleaner there).
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